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Community Development Revolving Loan Program for Credit Unions

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Who can benefit...

A credit union wishing to participate must serve a field of membership which is comprised primarily of low- income individuals. The credit union's field of membership should correspond geographically to the designated program area described in its application and may include employees who regularly work in the area, businesses located within the area, and the residents of the area. In particular cases, the community served may include a number of contiguous neighborhoods constituting a target area. A target area is defined as that area designated by the Economic Development Administration or another Federal agency or by a State or local government agency for special assistance to low-income residents such as special impact areas or enterprise zones.

About this section:

This section lists the ultimate beneficiaries of a program, the criteria they must satisfy and who specifically is not eligible. The applicant and beneficiary will generally be the same for programs that provide assistance directly from a Federal agency. However, financial assistance that passes through State or local governments will have different applicants and beneficiaries since the assistance is transmitted to private sector beneficiaries who are not obligated to request or apply for the assistance.